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What's Included?

Along with offering our beautiful venue for your big event, we've also included some additional perks in the form of transportation and hotel accommodations through our partnership with local businesses.

Keep reading to find out all that is included in your rental cost!


What is included in my cost of rental?

Use of the entire facility from 8:00AM to 12:00AM (Midnight) the day of your event.

  • Main Area

  • Lobby

  • Upstairs lounge

  • Outdoor patio & courtyard

  • Suite 1 (Brides room)

  • Suite 2 (Grooms room)

  • Prep kitchen

  • Spacious bathrooms

Use of our equipment:

  • Tables (60-inch rounds or 6-foot rectangles)

  • 500 black, Chiavari chairs

  • Head table, gift/cake table and buffet tables (This includes 8-foot rectangular tables and serpentine tables)

- Our staff will handle set up, tear down and clean up.

- We have no in-house caterer, food and dessert for your event is left completely up to you! If you need a recommendation we are happy to help!



- As an additional thank you for allowing Boulder Flatts to host your event, we will also include 2 free shuttles (back-to-back) at the end of the night to a hotel in Grand Island of your choice!

- If you are a wedding that books with us, we also offer you a free room (Honeymoon Suite or King/Queen Suite) if you make your wedding block at Boarders Inn & Suites - based on availability. Boarder's Inn & Suites will work to provide your guests with the best rate possible during your event!

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